About our Society

Introducing the Chaffee Historical Society Website!

We think we have found a great way to increase interest in the History of Chaffee.  While our local museum contains a vast reservoir of historic items, we realize that not all of our visitors can visit our museum and see first hand the treasures we have collected.   We will use this web-site to try to inform and enlighten our membership and our visitors to the History of Chaffee.

Welcome to Chaffee, The City with a Smile

Our mission is to disseminate historical information, to arouse interest by publishing historical information, and to act in the best interest of all of the citizens of the Chaffee community.

Our History:
The Chaffee Historical Society was founded in April 1996 when, a group of interested people wanting to see the history of Chaffee preserved for future generations, met at Chaffee City Hall.  This organization, with the help and support of the people and alumni of Chaffee, has grown tremendously.  (Read the story here for more information).

Membership Benefits:
Our members receive newsletters, have free admission to Historical Society events, have use of valuable research material (with prior permission), and help keep the history alive in a small Missouri community.

Contact Us:
Email us at chaffeehistorical@gmail.com with any questions or comments about the website.

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